‘The Conjuring 2’ Played A Hilarious Prank On Movie-Goers

The Conjuring 2 is pretty darn scary, but perhaps the most frightening part of the film is Valak, the evil, ghostly nun that was added to the movie last minute.

To honor the DVD release of The Conjuring 2, Roadshow Entertainment did a screening of the film and decided to prank quite a few movie-goers.

After the film screening — fresh of the heels of being oh-so acquainted to Valak and her creepy, evil nun ways — Roadshow asked some of the audience to stick around for an interview. They left them waiting alone in a dressing room, and like anyone would do when they’re placed alone infront of a mirror, the audience members primped. However, Valak popped out from the other side of the mirror and scared each and every single person.

We have not heard screams this blood-curdling and genuine since…ever? Poor movie-goers! This may have scarred them for life.

Watch the clip above!

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