This Deleted Scene From ‘Zootopia’ Is Devastating!

Zootopia-Disney-070516Though it was just released a few months ago, Disney’s Zootopia has already gone down in history as one of Disney’s greatest masterpieces. Watching determined officer Judy Hopps team up with bad boy fox Nick Wilde was a fun filled adventure in itself. However, the fact that Zootopia also had brilliant commentary on society; specifically race relations made it even more amazing.

Therefore, when a delete scene from the film was added to the DVD, everyone was eager to see more of the animal filled world. What people were not prepared for was to be absolutely wrecked by the gut wrenching events that took place.


The three-minute scene entitled, “The Taming Party” follows Judy and Nick as they escape captivity and find themselves in the midst of some sort of celebration. During the festivities, they come upon a bear cub named Morris and his father, as Morris is being initiated into adulthood. After much fanfare,  Morris is given a shock collar, and though his dad seems reluctant about the entire situation, he snaps the collar around his son’s neck. A pledge is recited and cheering ensues. Unfortunately, poor Morris gets a bit too riled up, and the collar immediately shocks him; much to Judy’s horror. The father bear and the crowd fall silent and Judy looks back for her partner Nick only to realize that he too has a collar around his neck. Watch the horrifying scene for yourself below.

It’s no wonder the scene was deleted. I’m an adult, but I’ll probably never recover from the shock of that terrible display. We can’t imagine what it would have done to children had they witnessed it.

Are you glad that that scene was never included in the final film? Let us know in the comments below.