The First Posters from the Peeps Movie Have Arrived!

We’ve seen board games, theme park rides and Legos make their way to the silver screen, so it’s about time that Easter candy got a movie star moment of its own. Deadline reports that filmmaker Adam Rifkin has secured the film and TV rights to Peeps candies, and plans to give them a starring role in an animated feature sometime soon. The film would reportedly tell the story of a diorama contest in which the sugar-covered marshmallows are the central focus. But on the night before the judging, one Peep gets separated from his family, and must make the treacherous journey back to his diorama before morning. 

While that sounds like an exciting and heartwarming film, we can’t help but feel like Peeps are capable of more. They’re not just bouncy little marshmallow shapes; they have dreams, desires, bravery and skill. They can be the heroes or the villains, they can fall in love or they can save the planet. In order to help prove their cinematic potential by coming up with a few ideas for some other Peeps films. 

Like one where one of the Peeps goes stale and its hard, congealed shell causes more damage that anyone could have predicted: 

Peep Impact, Deep via Everett Collection

Or one where scientists take their experiments too far, and the intelligent Peep goes after them for revenge: 

Peep Blue Sea, Deep Blue Bros.

Or one where a the tragic death of one Peep leaves his family tense and riddled with guilt:

Ordinary People, Ordinary Pictures

Or one where Craig Robinson is in over his head when he meets his girlfriend’s disapproving albeit sugar-coated family.

Peeples, via Everett Collection

We’re looking forward to seeing all of them.