The First Teaser For ‘Aladdin’ Is Actually Really Underwhelming.


The teaser for the much anticipated live-action remake of ‘Aladdin’  was released today, and it is underwhelming.

Yes, it’s a teaser, and I get that. Most people already know the story of Aladdin, so there’s not much story to spoil. The only voice we hear is the voice of the cave of wonders, the only characters we see are Iago flying around and Aladdin reaching for the lamp, and the only locations are Agrabah and inside the cave. The only music is “Arabian Nights”, which admittedly I sang along to in my head.

That’s it.

Sure, you don’t want to show EVERYTHING in the first teaser, its only meant to get people excited, which they will be since it’s Disney, and for certain Aladdin is something that people grew up with and resonate with. Let’s just hope the next Trailer will give us something to actually judge how this movie will be.


‘Aladdin’ releases May 24, 2019.