How Sandra Bullock Almost Died on the Set of ‘The Heat’

Although endless hilarity ensues during the new comedy The Heat, starring Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy, the real laughs — and some nearly lethal incidents — took place off screen during the making of Paul Feig’s film. We know McCarthy’s a jokester all right, but who knew she had hands of a surgeon too? Well, she had no clue until she was forced to save her partner in crime’s life. Mhm!  

At the press conference in the adventurous laugher, McCarthy, who plays police officer Mullins, revealed a hilarious moment on set when her costar Bullock slammed her head face down on a bar and lodged a peanut up her nostril… strictly for comedic purposes, of course. Bullock specified, “Not just any peanut. A salted peanut!”

McCarthy chimed in on the fearsome moment: “So the danger factor went way up! And she put it so far up … at one moment in the scene, I thought ‘What’s happening? I have something shoved up Sandy Bullock’s nose!? Just don’t hurt her!'”

The actress continued, “And then I thought [that] she didn’t really do it. ‘That’s too weird and gross.’ Because I was up [her nose] a good ways, and there was nothing. And then I saw something… it still makes me nervous to talk about because it was so insane, she could put it up like this far. Listen, she’s got tricks!” But of course, the danger: “Then it got serious, because I thought, ‘I gotta get that thing out of there!’ And I don’t know why I would think that’s on me, medically, to do that. And then I really got in there.” 

Now that’s a quality way to bond with a costar, and probably chemistry onscreen seems so real. Once you shove something up another actor’s nose, a heartfelt kinship blossoms. 

Bullock plays the straight-shooter FBI agent Ashburn, who she insists is nothing like the agent she first played in Miss Congeniality, besides the fact they both have a gun (for instance, Bullock has absolutely no facial hair this time around. Phew!) The Oscar-winning actress describes the bond that flourished between her and McCarthy joking: “It’s like in a bar when you’re drunk: you see the person, and you don’t know why, but it just works, and everything goes in slow-motion. No, but the key is, we really just stay drunk the whole time.”

Breakout comedic powerhouse McCarthy added some witty banter to the convo, jesting, “While drunk, we really, really enjoy each other. Sober? Not so much.” 

The Blind Side star Bullock then took on a more serious tone to share her appreciation for McCarthy: “Just to have that rhythm in comedy, we don’t even have to look at each other, and it’s like a ping-pong match. I don’t know why it works. I think because our styles are different, but we compliment each other and watch out for each other.”

“You’re like, ‘Well, she needs that moment,'” Bullock continued, “so you just sort of step back and let her hit it, and then you come back and try to make up and do something. It just was never combative, it just worked. It’s just luck. If we could do more, it’d be nice. It’s hard to find a partner.”

So since these this badass duo works so well together in The Heat, can we expect to see them again for Round 2? After Melissa gushes, “If this whole group is together, if it’s a play in a backyard, I’ll go do it!” And then things get a little out of whack, as Sandra adds, “I think it should be a live sequel! Like we go country to country and just perform. I think it’d be amazing. House to house for extra dollars. The less clothing we have on, the more money we get.” All jokes aside, that’s one live show I would not want to miss.

Although the future of a sequel for The Heat is still up in the air, at least we have some additional appeal in this installment. Bullock spilled about her fondness for one particular costar: “Let me just say about Marlon [Wayans],” the actress began, “that whatever room Marlon walks into, I don’t care if the woman is 12 or 85, he’s an equal opportunity flirter. He flirts with every single female in the room. And as he walks by everyone’s like, ‘Oh my God!'”

Bullock continued, “Marlon is beautiful! Absolutely a beautiful specimen of man. If he only flirted with me, it would’ve been nice. But, nope! He flirted with everybody and we were so grateful he was there when we showed up. But God bless him!”

And don’t worry, Melissa McCarthy gets her fair share of interested men in the film, too — including her real life husband, but she winds up totally dissing him! However, she absolutely loved having him on the set, revealing, “It was wonderful! Not because I dissed [him]. We met performing together, and it worked out, because then I married him. So anytime I get a chance to work with him is a delight for me. And he’s really funny, so selfishly I thought, ‘Come on!'”

Following its spiritual predecessor Bridesmaids, directed also by Paul Feig, The Heat marks a new era of females in comedy. McCarthy explained how she hopes the wild theory that women aren’t funny can finally be squashed. With its hilarious jokes and outrageous scenarios, The Heat helps to launch women comics into the forefront of the genre, and truly establishes that funny is funny, regardless of gender. 

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