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15 Reasons Why “The Incredibles” Is The Best Superhero Movie

Before Marvel Studios released The Avengers and got the world into a superhero team frenzy, we had The Incredibles. And honestly, they’re better. They’re already a family, they work together well, and they’re superpowers are awesome. I mean, just look at Jack-Jack’s powers.


1. First off, babies have cooler powers than 95% adults:

2. Because of the lawsuits and relocation, you get to see what superheroes look like as normal people:

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And not everyone liked pretending to be normal.

3. This movie gave us the best superhero quote:


5. You have to admire how great they look as a superhero, and family, unit:

6. They can also get their act together faster than any other superhero team:

I’d like to see the Avengers try that.

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7. If you’re looking for a sassy, snarky superhero, look no farther thank Violet Parr:

8. The female superheroes are not helpless and refuse to act like it:

9. Like seriously, men do not do all the ass-kicking:

10. Edna Mode is not only super sassy, she is wise and helpful:

11. And if her advice doesn’t work, she’s got a back up plan:

What other superhero team has a pint-sized fashion designer to custom make all their outfits and dish out necessary life lessons? None.

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12. Dash really knows how to celebrate winning a battle:

13. This movie proves that superhero romances are a real and wonderful thing:

14. The villains are hilariously self-aware:

15. And most importantly, we learned this valuable lesson about superhero wardrobes: 

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