The kids are truly terrifying in ‘The Turning’ Trailer


It’s been over 100 years since Henry James’s ‘The Turn of the Screw’ was released in novellas in 1898, and the tale had been told countless times, including a couple of movie adaptations.

In the film, a young woman (Mackenzie Davis) shows up to be a live-in Nanny for some young children. (I’ve only ever seen this done in movies, but it never ends up well for the Nanny, so I don’t recommend this job ever). She meets the young children that she will be in charge of; Miles (Finn Wolfhard) and Flora (Brooklynn Prince). Of course, the children are creepy and loaners and step on a dead fish that happens to be out of water. The kids don’t go into part of the house, and we discover the house and these children might be a little bit worse than she knew.


‘The Turning’ releases on January 24, 2020.