See What The Kids of Nicholas Sparks Movies Look Like Now!

It’s been six years since Amanda Seyfried and Channing Tatum played star-crossed, on-screen lovers in the Nicholas Sparks’ movie Dear John. In those six years, the young actor who played 14-year-old Alan in the film had plenty of time to grow up. And grow up he did… hot. One more moment of silence for just how unbelievably attractive Alan from Dear John grew up to be. And now without further adieu, here’s what some of the children from Nicholas Sparks movies look like now!

Luke Benward - Dear John
Luke Benward, Dear John

Forever doing double takes on this one! Back in 2010, Luke Benward played Alan, the autistic son of Tim, the man Amanda Seyfried's character ends up marrying. Since the Dear John days, Luke's gone on to guest star in several episodes of Good Luck Charlie, star in the Disney Channel Original Movie Cloud 9, and the short-lived ABC Family Pretty Little Liars spinoff series Ravenswood. One more time, all together now: DAYUM, LUKE BENWARD, back at it again with the white button-down shirt.

Ian Nelson Jared - The Best of Me
Ian Nelson Jared, The Best of Me
Relativity Media/IMDB/Jsquared Photography

Two years ago, Ian Nelson (known as the tribute from District 3 in The Hunger Games and as young Derek Hale on MTV's Teen Wolf) played Amanda's high school-age son who was about to graduate and go off to college. Now, he's 20 years old and we're willing to bet he grew up a lot between freshman year and now!

Riley Thomas Stewart - The Lucky One
Riley Thomas Stewart, The Lucky One
Warner Bros. via Everett Collection/IMDB/Greg Crowder

We don't want to sound bias or anything but Ben from The Lucky One was the cutest Nicholas Sparks movie kid of all time! From his card tricks to the hours he spent up in his tree house, Ben was such an adorable, likable movie kid. Nowadays, the actor who portrayed him, Riley Thomas Stewart, is nearly unrecognizable! He chopped off his curly blonde hair and has since been working on Disney Junior's show Jake and the Never Land Pirates, providing the voice of Jake himself.

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Noah Lomax - Safe Haven
Noah Lomax, Safe Haven
Relativity Media via Everett Collection/IMDB

In 2013's Safe Haven, Noah Lomax played the adorable son of Josh Duhamel's character. In the past three years, Noah has grown from little boy to young adult. While he's still got the same gorgeous brown eyes and super cute freckles, he's lost his baby fat and grown out his hair!

Mimi Kirkland - Safe Haven
Mimi Kirkland, Safe Haven
Relativity Media via Everett Collection/IMDB/Gretchen Mathison
Mimi passed as Noah's on-screen sister in Safe Haven three years ago, and she could pass as his sister even now. This Nicholas Sparks movie kid certainly hasn't changed munch in the few years since we last saw her. Although her career is definitely taking off: She's appeared in several episodes of Disney Channel's Austin and Ally.