The Ladies of ‘Rough Night’ Discuss Partying


Bachelorette weekends can get pretty crazy. In Sony Picture’s ‘Rough Night’ things get downright insane.

In the film 5 friends who haven’t seen each other in awhile get a chance to fly down to Miami to celebrate one of them getting married. Most of the ladies have been friends since their wild days of college, and find themselves at a different time in their lives. When given the opportunity to leave their home lives and let loose, they do, and in a big way.

In the above interview, the stars discuss their big party plans. Ilana Glazer explains her characters mentality, Zoe Kravitz talks about where the characters find themselves in their lives, Kate McKinnon tells us why her character is so wild, Jillian Bell dives into why she wants this weekend to be the greatest, and Scarlett Johansson discusses how this weekend escalates.


‘Rough Night’ releases June 16, 2017.