‘The Lego Batman Movie’ Trailer 2 Is The Batman We Need


Batman has found his way into a dark serious place in all of his films.

Gone are the ways of the Adam West running with a Bomb Batman. Christopher Nolan‘s Christian Bale was an intimidating angry Batman, and then it continues with Ben Affleck‘s Superman fighting Batman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. In ‘The Lego Batman Movie’, Will Arnett‘s Batman take himself seriously, just the audience won’t.

In this new trailer, we finally see a little bit more of the plot. The Dark Knight is a hero whom everyone assumes is popular, but he actually lives his life alone and lonely. Alfred (Ralph Fiennes) tries to find a purpose and a family. Enter Robin (the perfectly cast Michael Cera) who just wants to be a part of Batman’s life. Even Joker (Zach Galifianakis) wants to be in his life, but Batman won’t accept him either, saying he has other greatest enemies (his face is perfect). Barbara Gordon (Rosario Dawson) wants the police force to work with him, but Batman just wants to be alone.


Join Batman and the rest of the family in The Lego Batman Movie, which releases February 10, 2017