‘The Mummy’ Stars Talk Dark Universe From The Premiere


There is a lot of pressure for someone starting a film franchise.

The film has to be good, otherwise, the franchise could be over before it even really starts. Universal has tried twice to start the soon to be known Dark Universe, but those films have failed so far, but now they think they have a real winner. ‘The Mummy’ will be the first film in the Universe, with Johnny Depp to be the Invisible Man, and Frankenstein with Javier Bardem.

In the above interview from the New York Premiere of ‘The Mummy’ stars talk about starting the Dark Universe. Jake Johnson tells us how excited he is for people to see the film, Annabelle Wallis says how this film and the Dark Universe will change what people think of Monster films, Sofia Boutella discusses bringing the Mummy to modern day, and Tom Cruise respects the history and what it could bring to the public.


The Mummy is in theaters tomorrow, June 9, 2017.