The New “Blair Witch” Trailer Proves This Movie’s Going To Scar Us For Life


The Blair Witch Project was a monumental horror flick that changed the way people make movies. It was terrifying and proved that horror films don’t need a massive budget to actually scare you. How many blockbuster horror films fall flat when it comes to scares? There’s too many to count, but The Blair Witch Project paved the way for equally as terrifying films like Paranormal Activity which relied heavily on viral marketing to convince us the film actually happened. Some of us definitely believed it for a minute, and we’d be lying if we said we didn’t sleep with the lights on for a couple of days in 1999 when the film first came out.

The Blair Witch Project invented an entirely new, very frightening genre of horror, and it looks like Blair Witch, which serves as a true sequel to the ’99 film, is poised to be just as frightening. From the looks of the brand new trailer, the film is absolutely terrifying, and what’s more scary is the fact there’s been hardly any marketing for the film. Originally announced as The Woods, the film was a total surprise until a month or two ago. Why are they keeping it a secret? It sort of makes us think that the film’s so scary it sells itself.

If you aren’t sure about Blair Witch because of 2000’s lackluster Book Of Shadows: Blair Witch 2, the brand new trailer for the movie doesn’t disappoint. It’s almost like Blair Witch is a do-over for a sequel that shouldn’t have happened in the first place.

Check it out above, but don’t watch it if you’re claustrophobic. Let it be known that if we’re ever given the opportunity to walk into woods that have been cursed, we’re not going! Good God, are we not stepping foot in some demon forest. Has no one seen The Forest? Or even just the first Blair Witch. These things don’t ever end well!

In addition to the new trailer, Lionsgate has also released a creepy poster that shows humans entangled in the original Blair Witch imagery. This movie is definitely going to scar us for life (or at least make us sleep with the lights on for a few nights).

blair witch poster

Blair Witch hits theaters on September 16th, but maybe you shouldn’t go see it alone (at least if you scare easily).