The Original Concept Art For ‘Krampus’ Will Scare The Christmas Cheer Right Out Of You

krampus film
Stone Street Studios

Krampus is returning just for the holidays, and this time in creepy concept sketches. You better make sure you’ve been good this year!

Last year, Michael Dougherty released the campy creature flick Krampus, based on the ancient lore of that creepy Christmas demon that abducts bad children and eats-slash-tortures them. It’s basically the Christmas movie all horror fans desperately needed.

Krampus wasn’t always the fully fleshed-out character we saw in the films. He was once a super creepy (even creepier than we could have imagined) sketch. Dougherty took to Twitter to share some early concepts of the holiday villain.

The more detailed sketch shows that Krampus had creepy branch horns and hollow eyes.

Dougherty also drew inspiration from his past in order to create Krampus’ minions.

And some more Christmas card inspiration.

What do you think? Is the original Krampus creepier than the one that made it to the film?


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