The Original Drawing For ‘Snow White’ Was Banned By Disney Because It Was Too Sexy!


These days, Disney is known for pushing the envelope and hiding adult themes and jokes in their films. However, there was a time in the not so distant past when anything that wasn’t sugary sweet was not OK. Disney’s first film, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was released in 1938, just after the Great Depression and before World War II and the world was a very different place.

Apparently, the original drawing for Dinsey’s first princess was so sexy, that the movie studio banned it and revamped her look altogether. Originally, Walt Disney hired some of the animators who were responsible for Betty Bop. Bobby Livingstone of RR Auctions said of the iconic design, “This is the earliest Snow White cel that we’re aware of…Walt Disney hired the artists who did Betty Boop, and their early versions of Snow White resembled Betty Boop, such as the way she held her skirt up.


Livingstone went on to say that, “This was not the image Disney wanted for Snow White and he killed this version. He thought Snow White ought to be wholesome and rooted in innocence rather than be sexy.” Apparently, the image didn’t totally go to waste because, the last surviving image of the original drawing sold at auction in 2014 for $15,000!

Snow White originally  had pouty red lips, huge doe eyes and GASP, her ankles were showing. Check out the photo for yourself below.


The Snow White we know switched out her red dress for a royal blue and gold one, her eyes lost quite a bit of their lashes and she certainly didn’t show her ankles.


What do you all think about the original Snow White drawing?