The Pitches Are Back For One Last Time In ‘Pitch Perfect 3’


After the events of Pitch Perfect 2 and the Bellas have graduated college comes real life, and surprise, real life sucks for them. The long boring days of working have taken a toll, and are definitely not as awesome as performing in front of crowds singing doing what you love. That’s when they decided to do one last comeback show.

The USO show has been going on for years where people perform for US troops out in Europe. The Bellas think that’s a perfect idea, so they try out. Unfortunately, they are against some stiff competition, which includes people that have their own songs instead of covers. Can they overcome the odds and do one last performance?

The film has all the favorites returning including Anna KendrickRebel WilsonHailee SteinfeldBrittany Snow, and Anna Camp.


‘Pitch Perfect 3’ releases October 22, 2017.