20 Reasons Why ‘Spice World’ is a Cinematic Treasure

Spice World, a 1997 movie starring everybody’s favorite British girl group doesn’t make a ton of sense (there’s a stalker paparazzi, a bomb on a bus, and a meet and greet with aliens), but there is no denying the film is rife with hilarious moments. It was universally panned by critics and didn’t win any Oscars that year, but we think the film is a classic for so many reasons.
1. It has some seriously amazing performances by the girls.
In the movie, we are treated to a flashback performance of Wannabe before they were famous, a visit to an Italian talk show featuring scantily-clad male models, and an epic rendition of Spice Up Your Life at the Royal Albert Hall that they almost didn’t make it to. 
2. We learn they’re not just singers, but serious dramatic actresses.

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The film features some extremely tense moments, including a blowout fight that almost breaks the group up. We see a true range of their acting abilities, and it gets deep.

3. There are so many great cameos.

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Alan Cumming, Jennifer Saunders, and even Meat Loaf make appearances in the film. But the best of all is the cameo by Sir Elton John himself. Music royalty!

4. They further cement their status as feminist icons.

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“Girl Power” redefined feminism for a new generation, and we’re forever indebted to the Spice Girls for teaching girls to kick butt and take names. 

5. They prove that despite being a global phenomenon, they care the most about their friends.

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They almost miss a sold-out performance in front of thousands of fans because their friend is giving birth, and they refuse to miss it. She names them all the godmothers of her baby. #bless

6. They have a near-tragedy when some of the girls fall off a boat and plunge into a lake.

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Thank goodness for life jackets and dry cleaning!

7. Three words: THE SPICE BUS.

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I’m pretty sure every person who ever saw this movie wanted this bus. You can’t even deny it.

8. The inside of the Spice Bus is equally amazing.

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Posh has a runway, Baby has a swing and a slide, Sporty has an exercise bike, and there are huge fish tanks. 

9. They show off impressive dancing skills in the club.

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Yes, they were the masters of choreography during live performances, but it’s their freestyling to their own song in a dance club that made us see their true dancing talents.

10. They tackle hard-hitting issues, such as societal norms and gender roles.

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11. The fashion is on point.

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Posh ponders about which little Gucci dress she should wear (spoiler alert: they’re all amazing), Scary wears some awesome cones in her hair and space puffer jackets, and there are so. many. good. platforms.

12. The girls do a photo shoot in which they dress as parodies of each other.

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Ginger realizes just how comfy Sporty’s tracksuits are and they all realize how much better they feel when they dress as themselves, because #individuality.

 13. Out of nowhere, they have a run-in with a group of aliens from outer space.

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The girls are initially frightened until they realize that the aliens simply want an autograph, photo, and concert tickets. So basically, the aliens are all of us.

14. There’s an epic dance boot camp scene, taught by the tough Mr. Step.

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The girls don their military best, and Posh attempts to tackle an obstacle course in gold stilettos and a camo mini dress, as you do.

15. They tackle paparazzi and invasion of celebrity privacy way before TMZ was a thing.

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16. We still wish Spice Force Five could be an actual TV show.

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Or movie. Or anything. Come on, girls! The world needs to see you fight enemies in coordinated silver metallic outfits.

17. The special effects were ahead of their time.

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I mean, this moment alone is a marvel of modern cinema, for crying out loud.

18. They give us some excellent comedic timing.

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19. There is a dramatic ending that will leave you at the edge of your seat.

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The girls have to rush to make it from the hospital to their concert, leaving Posh to drive the bus, pigeons to fly, and chaos to ensue when they discover a bomb on the bus. They somehow end up on top of the bus, as well, and tumble back in through the roof. 

20. But don’t worry, they make it to the concert hall in the nick of time.

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