Does ‘The Theory of Everything’ Trailer Look Too Ordinary for the Great Stephen Hawking?

Eddie Redmayne, The Theory Of EverythingFocus Features

Stephen Hawking’s life, work, and devotion to science might be doubly impressive because of his illness — a motor neuron disease that has rendered him almost completely physically paralyzed — but the fact of the matter is that they would be duly impressive anyhow. Often considered the smartest man alive, Hawking has contributed ideas to the field of theoretical physics that have revolutionized the way both the scientific community and the public understand space, time, and life itself. Hawking’s innovative notions have changed the world, and even changed the way the world might from here on out be changed, all for the better. And we hope to get more than a glimpse of Hawking’s work in the developing film The Theory of Everything, a biographical feature that seems determined to recount the struggles of the scholar upon the development of his debilitating disease.

Per the stasis of your standard biopic, The Theory of Everything appears most attentive to Hawking’s personal hurdles… a particularly understandable route considering of the gravity of the man’s physical hardships. But just as Hawking did not let his turmoils stand in the way of his work, we hope that director James Marsh allows the scientific machinations of an unparalleled mind to peer through. We want to see Hawking’s imagination take form, his nearly superhuman understanding of the dimensions that constitute our universe come to life. We want to see everything the man has worked to teach this world on display.

It’s difficult to tell from such a quick glimpse, but we’re hoping that The Theory of Everything allows for this mission. While we’d revel in a powerful performance by Eddie Redmayne, portraying Hawking in what one imagines to be the most difficult chapter of his long life, what we really need in addition to this is the opportunity to step inside the magic of the genius’ brain.