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The Troubles For A Bunny Cop In ‘Zootopia’ Interview

In ‘Zootopia’, Judy Hopps (Goodwin) is a bunny from the country who has completed police training and is now ready to patrol the streets of Zootopia. Unfortunately, things aren’t that easy. Being a police officer is usually meant for the biggest and toughest animals, so small Judy is definitely an outsider. Even Chief Bogo (Elba) doesn’t have any confidence in her. She gets put as a meter maid when a kidnapping case happens and she needs the help of sarcastic fox Nick Wilde (Bateman).

Ginnifer GoodwinJason BatemanIdris Elba, and Directors Byron Howard, and Rich Moore talk more about their film in this interview:


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Zootopia is out next Friday, March 4, 2016.

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