The Truth And Comedy In ‘Masterminds’ Cast Interview


In 1997 an armored security guard named David Ghantt and his love/partner Kelly Campbell managed to rob a bank and have one of the largest cash heists in US history. They stored the money with a friend of the woman named Steve Chambers, then David fled the country. Steve wanted to keep the money, so he sent a hitman after him. They were caught when the FBI discovered that Steve was buying a numerous number of items in cash.

If this sounds like the ridiculous plot to a movie you’d be right. It also actually happened. In the above interview Zach GalifianakisOwen WilsonKristen Wiig talk about how crazy the story really is, what genre the movie is, David’s sweet and innocent nature, and how people can relate to these criminals.


Masterminds releases this Friday, September 30, 2016.