The Vampire Syllabus: You Can’t Matriculate Without Seeing ‘Near Dark’

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For urban creatures of the night — I’m referring here to Eighties club kids — The Hunger was the be-all and end-all. It so captured the sexuality of the post-punk zeitgeist, it put director Tony Scott on the map. But there’s another flick for vamp majors obsessed with a complete education, from another director you may have heard of, Kathryn Bigelow.

The characters of Near Dark are the poor relations of Scott’s upper-class predators. But they have something The Hunger completely passes over: American-outlaw-blue-collar hotness. The film quietly seethes with a swagger that can only be described as Western. It is wild, unkempt, brutal and appealing, an intergenerational drawing match over sex and supremacy. It is sexy, down to the bone, pure Cowboy Punk.

Jenny Wright and Adrian Pasdar play out an undead Romeo and Juliet story so scorching you won’t know where to look first. She’s lonely, she turns him, but her posse is pissed. They reluctantly take in the small town boy, and careen through the desert in an RV with blackened windows, part man cave, part coffin, on a sociopathic Kerouac road trip.

You can certainly rent it. But I suggest a permanent download.

Near Dark
Kathryn Bigelow
The Hunger

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