There’s Not Much Venom In The ‘Venom’ Teaser


First off, I get it. It’s a teaser.

They’re made to get people hyped about a movie without actually telling you much of the plot. Fans have been waiting to see Tom Hardy as the infamous Spidey villain Venom for awhile, and some fans have been waiting to see Venom on the big screen for a long time (Topher Grace was an awful Venom so I don’t count him, and neither should you).

From the tease, we find out that this is an origin story. Eddie Brock (Hardy) is being researched by doctors/scientists to try to figure out what’s wrong with him. Brock has been dealing with heartache his entire life, with a break up to Anne Weying (Michelle Williams) shown, a death, an accident (which looks like a spaceship, possibly carrying the symbiote known as Venom. We do see “it” in a chamber, but that’s about it.


‘Venom’ releases October 5, 2018, hopefully with much more Venom.

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