Theron and Rogen take us Behind The Scenes of ‘Long Shot’

Charlize Theron is an Academy Award-winning badass actress known for movies like Monster, Atomic Blonde, Mad Max: Fury Road, and more.

Seth Rogen is an actor known for stoner comedies and the goofiest laugh in all of Hollywood. (Sorry, Seth I’m a fan but it’s true.)

The two together shouldn’t make sense, but for their new movie ‘Long Shot’ they’d give it a go. Charlize plays Charlotte Field, an influential powerhouse of a woman up to be president. Seth plays Fred Flarsky, a recently out of work speechwriter who meets up with his young crush Charlotte, things work out, he becomes her writer and possible lover.

In the above interview, go behind the scenes and find out who else Seth Rogen tells us he wanted for this role as well as why he’s glad they got Charlize, and Charlize tells us why she said yes and more importantly what she thinks the script changes about perceptions.


‘Long Shot’ releases May 3, 2019.