Every Romantic Comedy Trope in the Trailer for ‘We Came Together’

You might not realize that you’re looking for a new favorite movie, but you are. And we’ve got just the movie to fill that spot: They Came Together, the latest project from Wet Hot American Summer and Role Models  director David Wain. A send-up of the romantic comedy genre, the film stars Amy Poehler as the owner of a small candy shop, whose business is threatened by a major franchise that just happens to be run by Paul Rudd. Needless to say, love eventually conquers all, but there are plenty of hilarious missteps along the way. Are you on board yet? Yeah, we thought so. 


Just in case the combination of Poehler, Rudd, and Wain wasn’t enough to win you over, the trailer features a star-studded cast and every single rom com rope that you could possibly think of. Seriously, in the trailer alone, there’s… 

1. There’s a montage of them falling in love that includes a stroll through Central Park, making dinner together, and goofing off in a public

2. Rudd hits Poehler in the face with a football

3. They have a confrontation in a public place

4. They bond over a general character trait they have in common

5. Their kisses are so passionate that it distracts them from the fact that they’re destroying the house

6. Rudd notices a little thing about Poehler, and it’s a touching moment

7. There’s another, sexier woman competing for Rudd, who will break or has already broken his heart

8. Poehler goes on a terrible date with an obnoxious loser 

9. Rudd gets relationship advice from his gross, sex-obsessed friend 

10. Rudd’s token black friend gives sensible advice 

11. The whole conversation takes place during a pickup basketball game

12. Rudd has an insane, tempermental boss

13. People assume Rudd and Poehler are a couple, even though they’re not

14. Two people accidentally wear matching outfits to a party

15. Poehler throws her drink in Rudd’s face

16. A taxi sprays Rudd with water from a puddle, presumably while he’s on his way to something important 

17. A window gets broken 

18. Because two adults are doing something they shouldn’t be 

18. Rudd does magic to impress a small child

19. Poehler wears a ridiculous outfit, presumably either for a costume party or as part of a makeover montage

20. Poehler is adorably clumsy 

21. Poehler high-fives strangers on the street in celebration 

22. Rudd starts a sentence with “You’re pretty adorable when you…” 

23. Their friends are charmed by their adorable, heartwarming totally unique relationship. 

You can catch They Came Together in theaters or on VOD on June 27. We reccommend re-watching all of the Bobby Newport episodes of Parks and Recreation to tide you over in the meantime.