11 Things That Always Happen In Every Superhero Movie

We can’t just blame the superhero genre, all movie genres rely on a certain formula to make them good, even disaster movies. But we can’t help but point out common things that happen in our favorite comic book films that became cliche.

1. Chances are in the beginning of the movie we see our hero wearing glasses and they are considered “nerdy.”

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2. Before a person becomes a hero they go through some tragedy. It’s usually the death of a family member.

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3. A villain or superhero gets created through a supernatural event or crazy science experiment.

batman animated GIF Giphy/Warner Bros.

4. The superhero has to hide his identity, but winds up getting the girl by being his alter ego.

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5. The cops or military try (and fail) to stop the superhero.

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6. If there is a team superheros working together, you can guarantee that they’re bickering.

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7. Our hero gets the girl and eventually has to reveal who he is.

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8. But then she gets kidnapped and her life is threatened.

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9. We get faked out thinking our hero dies.

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10. A whole city gets destroyed but there aren’t really any consequences of that.

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11. The villain is defeated.

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Does the villain ever win? Not in these movies.

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