Things Get Deadly In The ‘Escape Room’ Trailer


If you’ve never done an Escape Room I highly recommend them. As long as its well done, for an hour you can be trapped with your friends, trying to solve problems and escape before the clock runs out.

I also recommend doing one before you see this movie or you might think twice about going.

In the appropriately titled ‘Escape Room’, 6 strangers  (Deborah Ann Woll, Taylor Russell, Jay Ellis, Logan Miller and Nick Dodan) are given a box and the opportunity to change their lives. An entry into an escape room and win a million dollars. The game starts once the 6 enter, and things get strange. The 6 can tell this isn’t your average escape room. Things get deadly and next level, and then they realize these rooms are designed for them to live out the worst horrors they’ve had in their lives.


‘Escape Room’ releases January 4, 2019.