10 Things That Happen In Every Cop Movie

There are so many amazing movies about policemen, but because there are so many of them, there is a formula that almost all of them follow. Most of the formula makes sense because it’s proven to work. We get drawn into the drama and the action of these movies. But we have to admit, when you sign up for a cop movie you can predict what’s going to happen. In order to prove our theory, we decided to list 10 things that happen in every cop movie.

1. The cop is probably haunted by something. I.E: a broken marriage, some kind of addiction, or just a bad past.


2. The cop either breaks the law himself with no consequences or he is very cynical of it.


3. There’s a car chase.


4. The beloved partner dies.


5. The main character gets chewed out by his chief.


6. Then he has to turn in his badge and gun.


7. On hiatus, he gets obsessed with the case to the point that there are pages of information on his wall at home.


8. He gets injured or captured by the villains.


9. After cracking the case and getting the villain the cop gets his job back…


Have badge, will party.
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10. Oh and of course, he gets the girl.


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