11 Things You Never Knew About The ‘Jason Bourne’ Franchise

The newest installment of the franchise is almost here! We finally get to see what the agent’s real identity is in Jason Bourne. But what are some things have you looked over when it comes to the fictional character and movies? Here are 11 things you don’t know about the action franchise.

1. Bourne is named after a real person

Photo: Tumblr/Universal Pictures

Ansel Bourne was a preacher who had “dissociative fugue” which made him forget who he was. He went on to live his life as a convenience store owner under the name Brown until he remembered his life as Bourne.

2. Brad Pitt turned down the role to be in Spy Game

Photo: Tumblr/ New Line Cinema

3. Treadstone, from the first movie, was inspired by a real mission

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The inspiration behind the name came from a C.I.A called “The Enterprise” which was behind the Iran-Contra affair.

4. Adam Savage of Myth Busters has Bourne’s red bag and the props in it from the first movie

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5. Matt Damon accidentally knocked out Tim Griffin while filming The Bourne Surpemacy

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6. Matt Damon bruised himself to prove a magazine could be a viable weapon

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Fight coordinator Jeff Imada wanted to incorporate the magazine, but many weren’t sold that a magazine could do any damage. Damon and Marton Csokas then hit each other with the magazine and got bruises to prove they should be used.

7. We probably won’t get a movie with Jason and Aaron

Photo: Giphy/Universal Studios

Sorry if you were hoping for a cross over! Damon shot down those dreams when he told The Playlist he doesn’t see his and Jeremy Renner’s characters on screen together.

8. All of the weapons in the movie are real things that people could actually buy

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9. The Bourne Ultimatum is the only movie to win an Oscar, and it won three

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10. Damon refused to be the voice of Bourne for the video game, The Bourne Conspiracy, because it was too violent

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11. Bourne uses a mix of martial arts, Filpno Kali and Bruce Lee’s Jet Kune Do 

Photo: Tumblr/Warner Bros.