This Hilarious Fan Theory Proves Gru Created The ‘Minions’ Movie As Propaganda

Despicable Me 2, Universal, 042216

When we were first introduced to supervillain Gru in Despicable Me, he was struggling to change his ways after adopting three girls, Margo, Edith, and Agnes. In the film, we were also introduced to his minions, and we were told that they were genetically modified corn kettles that Gru created himself. However, by the time we got around to 2015’s Minions, that origin narrative was just thrown out of the window.


According to the Minions movie, our tiny yellow friends have been around since the beginning of time, and evolved in order to aid and abet the most villainous evil forces in the world. In the film, we meet the precious Kevin, Stuart, and Bob but they all seem very familiar. As reddit user IKindaLikeFish points out, “Their personalities exactly match up with Gru’s three adopted daughters.” Think about it. Kevin and Margo are both super smart and put together, and they lead the other two in their trios. Edith and Stuart are both very rebellious and they’re obsessed with being cool and aloof. And of course, there is Anges and Bob, the super adorable youngest of each clan.


So where does the theory that Gru created the Minions movie come in? Well, since Kevin, Stuart, and Bob are so similar to the girls, it’s obvious that Gru created the film to boost morale among the minions. The film satisfies all of the minions curiosities about their purpose in life and why they were created. Basically, it’s Gru telling the minions that they exist to serve him. Minions also proves that Gru is the greatest living supervillain so they should be honored to serve him. It’s too bad he was too lazy to create new characteristics for the minions instead of just basing them off of his daughters personalities.


Convinced yet?