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‘This Is The End’: Watch Every Comedian You Know Die — TRAILER

This Is The EndSo, you’re hanging out with Seth Rogen, when he suggests you head over to James Franco’s place for a big party. Naturally, Craig Robinson and Danny McBride tag along. At this party, things get a tad out of hand: Mindy Kaling affirms that she wants to sleep with Michael Cera, who gets slapped by Rihanna and blows a handful of cocaine into Christopher Mintz-Plasse’s face while Jonah Hill laughs at the lot of them.

All in good, typical Hollywood fun, as you’d imagine. Until fires break out on the horizon, gaping hole opens up in the lawn, swallowing Jason Segel, David Krumholtz, and Aziz Ansari alive. Things look mighty bad — peaking when an axe-wielding Emma Watson robs you of your what little sustenance you have in the wake of this mind-blowing apocalypse. And then … fade to titles.

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Sounds kind of like that trippy dream you had when you fell asleep during a Freaks & Geeks marathon, doesn’t it? That’s pretty much what This Is the End looks like — all the people you like (or tolerate, anyway) from Paul Feig’s high school drama, 40-Year-Old Virgin, Superbad, Knocked Up, Pineapple Express, and NBC’s Thursday night lineup (with a few bonus players thrown in) facing off against a simple, accessible hurdle (the Apocalypse) with the promise of high-stakes fun. In short, it’s candy.

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Candy that involves an inebriated Michael Cera getting impaled by a lamppost. But candy nonetheless. Check out the red band trailer below!

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