This Is What ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ Looks Like Without CGI

Mad Max: Fury Road was an action-packed movie set in a wild, dystopian world. While Mad Max mostly took place in what looked like an endless expanse of desert, which does exist in some of parts of the world, the mass amount of explosions and crashes made the film seem like it probably relied heavily on CGI. These stunts are massively dangerous and most modern films use CGI to handle potentially hazardous stunts.

This is not the case with Mad Max. It’s amazing how little CGI there is, and we’d have never known if the special edition DVD didn’t show us. Production put together a compilation of raw footage, camera tests and behind-the-scenes shots showing the stunts before CGI glossed over the blockbuster hit. These war rigs are legitimately crashing all over the desert. The producers actually created the world they wanted to portray in real life vs. adding it in after-the-fact.

Checkout the full supercut above. How cool is it to see so many real life explosions?

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