This Is Why Han Solo And Princess Leia Broke Up, According To Carrie Fisher

han solo leia

One of the most heartbreaking things about Star Wars: The Force Awakes was discovering that our favorite couple from a galaxy far, far away had called it quits. There wasn’t much of an explanation to the split, other than it probably had something to with their son going towards the Dark Side. That can be rough on a marriage, right?

Princess Leia (aka Carrie Fisher) finally opened up about her tragic breakup at the Saskatoon Comic and Entertainment Expo. Apparently, sometimes shady space business just gets in the way of true love. Leia isn’t all about some of Han’s nasty habits.

“He smuggled way too much,” said Fisher. “And girls, I know you don’t want your husband smuggling, do you? Hanging out with the hairy guy too often. I think there are a lot of problems with that. He wouldn’t take me on that hyperspace thing enough… [that’s a] euphemism.”

Oh my! So criminal activity and some problems in the bedroom. That’s definitely a recipe for divorce. While we support the notion of putting your friends first, it sounds like Han spent a little too much time messing around with Chewy and not enough time hanging out with his princess. After he lost the Millennium Falcon, he was probably on thin ice. Leia doesn’t seem like she’s a girl who needs fancy spaceships, but that one was pretty darn cool.

Much respect to Leia for getting out of a marriage that wasn’t working. She’s a strong independent woman, and doesn’t need a hero to save her from a disastrous gold bikini anymore.

Check out Carrie Fisher’s interview at the Comic and Entertainment Expo below.

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