‘Three Stooges’: Giamatti In, Carrey Out?

The Boston Globe reported late Friday that while the Farrelly brothers have not yet settled on the cast for The Three Stooges, at least one casting rumor has been confirmed. Peter Farrelly told the paper that Paul Giamatti has indeed signed on to replace Sean Penn to play Larry. Penn dropped out in June citing personal reasons.

The Names Blog goes on to say that Jim Carrey, who has been attached to play Curly, is no longer on the picture. “There had been reports that Jim Carrey would utter Curly’s signature ‘n’yuk, n’yuk, n’yuk,’ but it’s not so. If Farrelly has someone in mind, he didn’t tell us who,” writes the blog.

Back in June The Boston Herald suggested that Giamatti would be good for the part of Larry. Bobby Farrelly told the paper then that Giamatti would not only be “a sensational Larry” but they’d “love to have Paul.” Unfortunately, “an offer” had already been sent out “to someone else.” 

Benicio Del Toro is still in for Moe, however, according to the report.

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