8 Times Ron Weasley Was Our Favorite ‘Harry Potter’ Character

In a long list of awesome fictional BFFs, Ronald Bilius Weasley ranks pretty high. In addition to being Harry Potter’s brother-from-another-mother, Ron is one of our favorite characters in the Harry Potter  series. Here are eight times we absolutely adored this Gryffindor:

1. When he obviously lived for food and didn’t care what other people thought about it. 


Hogwarts truly is a magical place, and we’re assuming the food is just as extraordinary. Whether it’s chowing down on some love potion-laced chocolates or drinking endless amounts of pumpkin juice in the Great Hall, Ron gets us…and we love him for that.

2. When he said everything we were ever thinking…


Because seriously, we’d have the exact same reaction to spiders, dementors and everything else Ron ever freaked out about.

3. When he wore sweaters his mum knitted him.


He may have complained once or twice, but Ron proudly sports Mrs. Weasley’s homemade patterns on more than one occasion. We can’t help but find the entire Weasley clan’s close-knit (pun-intended) bond one of the best things about the series.

4. When he wasn’t always the perfect student…but always worked hard to help his friends.


Ron was never the most studious Hogwarts pupil (much to Hermione’s dismay), but that’s what makes him so relatable. Though he wouldn’t be caught dead in the library unless it’s for some sneaky snooping, he’s always willing to put in the effort to help his squad in the fight against evil.

5. When he made the Quidditch team.


While athletics may not be his strongest suit, we were stoked when this Keeper had his moment in the limelight. (And without any liquid luck too!)

6. When he and Hermione finally got together.


We loved them since “It’s leviOsa, not leviosA!” Any diehard fan of this couple can’t help but love their sweeter moments during Deathly Hallows. #Hatersgonnahate

7. When he bravely destroyed the locket Horcrux. 


In one of his most heroic moments, Ron took matters into his own hands to eliminate one of Voldemort’s sinister horcruxes. Not only did it showcase his courage and bravery, but acted as a moment of growth for our favorite character.

8. When he remained Harry’s most loyal friend throughout the years.


The Boy Who Lived truly wouldn’t have gotten far without the help of his devoted bestie. For that, we can’t help but admire this faithful friend.