Tom Cruise Runs Drugs For The CIA In ‘American Made’ Trailer


Certain movies come out and you say to yourself there’s no way that could happen.

Like for Tom Cruise‘s new movie ‘American Made’.  Barry Seal (Cruise) is a pilot who was bored with his life flying for the TSA. He was too good and very bored flying giant buses. The CIA contacts him and needs him to transport certain illegal materials. Drugs, guns, whatever they need, through dangerous territories and air space earning $500,000 a flight. Barry would later fly planes for Pablo Escobar, all technically legal under the CIA.

If this story sounds insane and like a Hollywood story, it is but it’s based on a true story. Barry Seal transported cocaine from Colombia to the US working as an undercover for Drug Enforcement Administration and was even part of the famous Nicaragua Sting operation.

Sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction.


American Made releases September 29, 2017.