Tom Cruise to Join ‘Bourne Identity’ Director for ‘We Are Mortals’?

Tom CruiseSo far, We Are Mortals have taken to signing real all-or-nothing individuals. Over the summer, the film (previously called All You Need is Kill), was handed to Doug Liman to direct.

Liman has given us some celebrated pieces of cinema: The Bourne IdentitySwingers and (I may be alone in putting this in the pros category, but for some reason I really love this movie) Go. However, he also contributed the lackluster Mr. and Mrs. Smith and the so-bad-it’s-good Jumper. So who knows what to expect here?

And now, We Are Mortals is considering another big name who is hit-or-miss: Tom Cruise. Cruise is sort of a fizzling supernova. His heroism spanned largely in the days between Risky Business and Vanilla Sky (there are actually a whole lot more good ones than I realized) hasn’t exactly persisted over the years. Since shortly after the turn of the century, he delivered some lesser pieces. Many of them weren’t bad, just pale in comparison to the stardom once attributed to Cruise.

So what could we expect from a teaming of Liman and Cruise in the sci-fi war piece We Are Mortals? Cynics will assume something forgettable. But we must remember what these men are capable of: good, memorable, exciting movies. Let’s pull for one of those instead.

Source: Comingsoon