Tom Hanks on becoming Fred Rogers in ‘A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood’

Mister Rogers Neighborhood is timeless, and Fred Rogers is a saint.

Eventually, a movie would have to come out about the man, but who could play the man in the red cardigan? Plenty of actors could look like him, but it would have to be someone special to play him. A modern-day Fred Rogers and there is no one that could be better cast than Tom Hanks. Tom has played plenty of real people before both living and no longer with us; Jim Lovell in Apollo 13, Sully Sullenberger from Sully,  Charlie Wilson, and more. There’s something different about playing Fred Rogers, as Tom will tell us about in the interview above.

On top of that hear about the casting choice from Director Marielle Heller, Matthew Rhys discusses the love of Tom Hanks and Fred Rogers, the author of the article that the movie is based on “Can You Say… Hero”? Tom Junod goes into what it was like seeing Fred again, and Fred’s wife Joanne Rogers explains the emotions that she has that this movie was done so well.


‘A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood’ releases on November 22, 2019.