Tom Hanks’ war movie breaks records at Apple TV+

Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks’ new war movie Greyhound has shattered opening weekend viewing records at streaming service Apple TV+.

The film, which Hanks wrote and stars in as a U.S. Navy veteran tasked with getting a convoy of ships carrying thousands of soldiers and supplies across the Atlantic during World War II, was scheduled to hit cinemas but producers went the streaming route instead due to the coronavirus pandemic.

And Deadline sources claim the film performed much like a summer theatrical box office hit.

AppleTV+ bosses are delighted with Greyhound’s success but they do not release viewership numbers.

Since the film dropped on the streaming site on Friday (July 10, 2020), Apple TV+ has seen a subscriber spike of 30 percent, suggesting new viewers signed up for the service primarily to watch Hanks‘ new film.