Tom Hardy Isn’t Himself In New ‘Venom’ Trailer


The latest trailer for Venom is here, and while we weren’t sold with the other trailers, this one may be the one that does it for us.

Sure, Tom Hardy’s Eddie Brock voice is a little wack (People have been saying he sounds like anyone from Mike Tyson and Fenster from Usual Suspects to Chris Griffin from Family Guy and also a drunk baby which is probably my favorite one, but not voices you really want to have). This film series learned how to pronounce “Symbiote” which absolutely killed the trailers beforehand. The villain was also finally revealed to be “Riot”. If you’re not familiar with the comics, in Lethal Protector there are four other Symbiotes; Lasher, Phage, Agony, Scream, and this one, Riot. Riot is similar colors to Venom, which might be awful on screen, but we’ll have to see.

After all that, I still have some concern about act 3, but only the movie will tell. Hopefully, it won’t be a “Turd in the wind”


‘Venom’ releases October 5, 2018.