Top 20 Heist Movies

The Score
Known best for his work as Fozzie Bear and Yoda, Frank Oz brought a heist to life vis a vis the grimacing mug of Robert De Niro in 2001. Of course, it wasn't Oz's best con artist film.
The Killing
Stanley Kubrick mastered horror, sci-fi, comedy, and war... he didn't quite reach the same level of excellence with heist films in 'The Killing,' but it's a worthwhile watch nonetheless.
A Fish Called Wanda
Comedic mastermind John Cleese proved that a movie can be duly thrilling and adventurous even with a dash of winning humor. Kevin Kline gives a delightfully wicked turn in this gem.
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Due for celebration if only for being a piece of Gene Hackman's home stretch, the film just about lives up to its name with potent thrills and interesting relationships.
The Thomas Crown Affair
A rare remake that tops its source material, 'The Thomas Crown Affair' grabs Pierce Brosnan from his life of spying and drops him into a life of pullin' a fast one.
Ocean's Eleven (1960)
The Rat Pack introduced pop culture to the bounties of the heist in this time-worn but still enjoyable classic. Sammy Davis Jr. crooning the title theme is worth the adventure.
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The Italian Job
Aside from being immortalized as a comic jewel by the fantastic Michael Caine impersonations traded by the stars of 'The Trip,' the original 'Italian Job' is a bloody fun heist flick.
Trading Places
The heist only comes into play in the last act of this wily comedy, but it hits big and cements the Dan Aykroyd/Eddie Murphy picture as, easily, the funniest entry on this list.
Dirty Rotten Scoundrels
One more laugher for the lot, the Caine/Steve Martin con vs. con picture is one of the best cinematic takes on thieves trying to out-thief one another.
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Worthy of bonus points for bringing such a unique spin to the heist genre, Christopher Nolan's 'Inception' may lack in character and visual imagination but it packs quite a punch in the realm of thrills.
Ocean's Eleven (2001)
A smoother, cooler, and ultimately more victorious heist came 41 years later at the hands of Steven Soderbergh and his own collection of strong-jawed knuckleheads.
Ah, the old "bad guy wants to turn straight" trope. Never has it been so expertly illustrated as in James Caan's 'Thief.'
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Get Shorty
A quirky caper that has as much fun with the ideas of the heist, the mob, and the criminal mind in general as one can imagine.
Dead Presidents
A surreal, biting portrait of life after warfare, 'Dead Presidents' captures the thrills of the heist as well as the horrors of PTSD.
Three Kings
Innovator David O. Russell combined the tenets of war movies, character dramas, and heist pictures in what is widely considered to be his best film to date.
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Catch Me If You Can
Not so much about a solitary heist as it is about a guy whose life is devoted to the trade, 'Catch Me If You Can' is a spirited, lively tale of two men on opposite sides of the heist game.
Dog Day Afternoon
Sonny Wortzik is a sure candidate for Al Pacino's strongest performance. His bank hold-up on one of those unmistakable Lumetian hot New York days will remain one of the genre's great memories.
The Sting
Some argue that 'The Sting' can't be categorized as a heist movie, but instead simply a "long con" picture. A valid point, but it's good enough to at least earn mention in any conversation about crime film.
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This French classic is a nearly ideal example of what a heist movie should and can be about: a flawless crime undone by the flaws of mankind's desires and ego.
Pacino and De Niro, each on this list with individual entries, team up for what might well be the greatest heist movie (and one of the greatest crime films) ever made.