The 8 Best Movies About Losing Your Virginity

Losing your virginity is a milestone moment in everyone’s life. You never forget who it was with and where it happened, but not everyone’s experience is the best. These eight movies prove a first time can be hilarious, spontaneous, and carry a considerable wait time for the “magic” to happen.

Those who brag the loudest about their sexual exploits are often the most insecure with the least amount of experience. In American Beauty, Angela personifies the girl who claims to have a lifetime worth of experience only to reveal she's a virgin, whose best friend Jane quietly lost hers to the mysterious boy next door.
Sex in high school may seem like a "must do," but when taking that major step into adulthood happens in a baseball dugout at a park with a bad boy, leading to an unexpected pregnancy, it's pretty easy to put a hold on further sexual exploration and just date a nice guy.
Saying goodbye to your virginity is something you'll never forget, especially if you plan to capture it all on video. For these four friends, they've got a plan to make sure they can relive that memorable moment forever.
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James passed up a few chances to lose his virginity during casual sex. Instead, he waited for someone real he could connect with. Who would've guessed the girl who breaks his heart is the one to come back around and make him the happiest he's ever been?!
Annette is set on saving herself for marriage. Sebastian is set on taking her virginity to win a bet. Neither of them thought they'd fall in love and share an intense connection full of raw emotion and tumultuous times.
Best friends crushing hard on girls they'd like to be their "first time," equals a cry laughing film full of miscommunication, bonding, booze, and relationships that blossom over the course of one wild night.
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Heading to college as a virgin sounds like a fate worse than death. For the guys in American Pie, the mission to pop their cherries before starting the first adult chapter in their lives is full of LOL moments, mishaps, and heart-warming relationships that carry on long past prom night.
Living 40 years without ever getting busy between the sheets is almost unbelievable, but the story of Andy Stitzer and his quest to lose his V-card is worth its weight in laughs and endearing feels for everyone.