10 Training Montages That Will Inspire You

It’s training time! Get ready to rumble because Creed, the seventh Rocky film, is coming to theaters on November 25th! Here are the top 10 training montages to help you get pumped up for the big fight.

10. Batman Begins

On his journey to become the Dark Knight, Bruce Wayne is trained by Ra’s al Ghul in the arts of theatricality and deception. By the end of it all, he will have become the hero that Gotham deserves, but not the one it needs right now or something like that.

9. Team America: World Police

Gary Johnston must infiltrate North Korea to stop Kim Jong-il from achieving his nefarious plans but he’s going to need the obligatory montage before he can do it!

8. The Incredibles

In an effort to get back into shape to fight evil doers, Bob Parr a.k.a. Mr. Incredible decides to start lifting locomotives and benching trains for max gains. #Incredibenches #Incredipullups

7. Blood Sport

Senzo Tanaka trains Captain Frank Dux to fight in a Kumite martial arts tournament in place of his recently deceased son. In addition to the rigorous sparring and the painful stretching, Frank must also learn to defend himself and serve tea while blindfolded.

6. Hercules

After Hercules learns he must become a true hero to rejoin his father Zeus on Mount Olympus, he seeks out Philoctetes to help him on his quest. Fortunately for us, Phil suddenly breaks out into song at the start so we get a sweet musical number out of it!

5. Kung Fu Panda

Master Shifu uses steamed dumplings to train Po in the art of Kung Fu for his impending clash with Tai Lung. Pay attention to the color of the trees as the montage progresses. You may notice a shift in color that reflects how Po changes from a greenhorn to a seasoned Kung Fu Master.

4. Kill Bill: Volume 2

Speaking of masters, Pai Mei agrees to train Beatrix Kiddo out of an unfathomable gesture of generosity. Through his cruel but effective tutelage, Beatrix learns the “Five Point Palm Exploding Heart” technique and becomes the deadliest woman in the world.

3. Mulan

In order to defend China, Captain Li Shang must train his new recruits to be able to fight off the Huns. First order of business? Take off his shirt.

2. Rocky I

When Rocky Balboa is given a shot at the World Heavyweight title, he cuts no corners when it comes to training. This is probably one of the most iconic scenes in the history of film. The shot of Rocky sprinting faster and faster towards the end of the montage is particularly inspiring.

1. Rocky III

Number one on this list has got to be the training montage from Rocky III where Apollo helps Rocky prepare for his big fight against Clubber Lang. This montage not only shows Apollo teaching Rocky how to fight as a refined combatant instead of a brawling slugger, but also shows the strength of a new friendship between former opponents. I am confident that Rocky will recall these moments fondly as he trains Apollo’s son, Adonis Creed, in the upcoming film.