‘Transformers’ Meets Boats in First ‘Battleship’ Trailer

ALTAfter watching the first trailer for Friday Night Lights and Hancock director Peter Berg’s live-action adaptation of Battleship, one might think to themselves, “Hey! This is nothing like the board game!” But remember: it’s a board game. There wasn’t really anything to “be like” in the first place.

Battleship appears to have lifted the most obvious elements of the Milton Bradley strategy game (this hulking, aquatic war machines) and injected it with a taste of Michael Bay, sci-fi madness. Taylor Kitsch (TV’s Friday Night Lights and the upcoming John Carter of Mars) stars as a Naval Officer who can’t keep his hands off the gorgeous Brooklyn Decker, much to the dismay of her Dad (and his Navy boss), Liam Neeson. Unfortunately, all the rabble-rousing and making out on the beach is interrupted when—as always seems to be the case, these days—aliens invade Earth.

Based on the title, you can probably guess what we’ll have to use to defeat them. Airplanes.

Battleship hits theaters May 18, 2012.