‘Transformers: The Last Knight’ Official Trailer Looks Fantastic


Hate on him all you want, but Michael Bay  can make a pretty looking film.

With this second trailer we learn more about the story line, but not enough that everything is spoiled. Basically the entire trailer is narrated by the great Anthony Hopkins where he tells us the history of the Transformers. The robots have been around Earth for much longer than we ever knew, and a closely guarded secret. The humans are now at war with the bots, Optimus Prime included. The synopsis says “the key to saving our future lies in the secrets from the past”, but besides that fans are still kind of in the dark (which is kind of a nice change).

Coming back to the franchise is Cade Yeagar (Mark Wahlberg), his Daughter Tessa (Nicola Peltz), Lennox (Josh Duhamel), and Robert Epps (Tyrese Gibson), but joining them seems to be a team of children, which I tend to hate in action films. Grown men are fighting (and dying) fighting giant robots, what’s a kid honestly going to do?

There’s a whole lot of planet destruction, leading Transformers fans to believe (and hope) the main antagonist of this film will be Unicron. Unicron was introduced during Transformers – The Movie back in 86, but has yet to make his appearance in a Bay film. This Transformer is anywhere from an extremely big robot (Think 10 times the size of the already large car sized bots), up to being the size of an actual planet.


Transformers: The Last Knight releases June 23, 2017.