Newest Transformer In ‘Transformers: The Last Knight’ Revealed, And It’s…Cute?


Transformers are typically pretty tough looking and obviously powerful, but the fifth installment of the franchise is taking a different route with its newest Transformer. 

Last night Michael Bay took to Facebook to share the newest addition to Transformers: The Last Knight (besides that cute, lonely dog who he recently cast).

The newest transformer is Squeaks — a blue, big-eyed little robot who looks like he’d transform into a moped or something equally as harmless. Maybe he’s a bit tough and transforms into a motorcycle, but seriously, he could be a Segway for all we know. Not all Transformers are tough, killing machines!

Poor Squeaks looks like he’s been pretty forgotten about, too. It appears like he’s introduced in the film when Isabella Moner finds him in a lot with other wrecks. His body is totally eaten through with rust. Poor little, forgotten moped.

We’re not sure if Sqeaks will be a super serious character, and by the looks of it, he’s probably pretty gentle, silly and kind. Could Squeaks be the new BB-8? It’d be really cool if, despite all odds, Squeaks turns out to be the most deadly Transformer there is.

Checkout the picture Michael Bay shared below. Isn’t he cute?



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