Travel To Tokyo For The ‘Ghost in the Shell’ World Premiere


When it was first announced that Scarlett Johansson would play The Major in the wildly popular ‘Ghost in the Shell’ fans weren’t happy, to say the least.

Ghost in the Shell is already a popular Japanese anime and manga, and to have Scarlett play the lead role felt like white washing to many people. However, I think with the trailers and commercials, fans are being won over. What also helps is not only having a Ghost in the Shell exhibit in Japan, where fans can actually see the guns and robots that they are already familiar with but also having the World Premiere in Tokyo.

In the above interview Johan “Pilou” Asbaek discusses the fears and responsibilities of bringing an already popular series to real life, Juliette Binoche talks about being in a science fiction film as well as what she brought to the production, and Scarlett Johansson explains why Major Motoko Kusanagi was a difficult role, as well as her favorite throwback to the original, and then they thank the fans that came to their premiere.


Ghost in the Shell releases March 31, 2017.

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