‘True Blood’ Creator Alan Ball to Direct Unnamed Dark Comedy

ALT TEXTAlan Ball — creator of vampire-filled True Blood and funeral home set, family-centered Six Feet Under — just announced his next project: an untitled dark comedy. The producer/writer (who also wrote American Beauty and Towelhead) will direct the project as well.

Ball originally came up with the idea and developed it further with Elan Matsai, writer of the upcoming The F-Word starring Casey Affleck. The two pitched the project to Paramount, sold it, and now Matsai will write the screenplay.

There’s no details right now as to what the film will be about. The only descriptions used have been “dark comedy,” but don’t worry, that’s encouraging. Ball is a master at unorthodox storytelling. His HBO credits with Six Feet Under and True Blood prove that he’s mastered two vastly different genres. Plus, American Beauty is a fine example of how filmmakers and writers can explore difficult and touchy subjects with confidence and originality. This upcoming project will be his first intended foray into comedy, and 20 bucks says it has something to do with death. Just saying.

Source: Hollywood Reporter