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‘Twilight’ Inspires Edwards Vs. Jacobs — The Pop Culture Saga

651x113_twilight-back.jpgTeam Edward Vs. Team Jacob

Election Season is far enough behind us to forget who Barack Obama even ran against (I wanna say it was Matt something?), the World Series has come and gone, and the vociferous campaign for People Magazine’s Sexiest Man has landed a much less contested candidate than last year. You might think we have nothing left to debate — no polarizing argument in which to invest ourselves so vehemently to the point of popping veins and losing friendships. But you’re overlooking one all-important dichotomy that has plagued our culture for the past several years: Edward Vs. Jacob.

The Twilight Saga heroine Bella Swan might have made her choice in the vampirious Mr. Cullen, but there are doubtlessly many who reserve affection for Edward’s werewolf rival. The Team Edward/Team Jacob battle broke out between the installments of the book-turned-film series, plaguing the American populace with an intense animosity for the opposing sides. Some thought Edward to be Bella’s meant-to-be, her first love, her soul mate. Others considered Jacob the more suitable partner, purer of heart and more capable of a giving, healthy relationship.

This is a phenomenon that has tread beyond the parameters of Twilight fandom into popular culture, affecting not only Twihards but the human species on the whole. And in its widespread outbreak, this pandemic has affected two particular communities the most: actual people named Edward and Jacob. No longer are these innocent men able to go about their days, enjoying the moniker supplied by loving parents. Now, there are connotations. They are unwittingly thrust into this bloodletting warfare, forced to defend their nomenclature against the opposing side.

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But what’s in a name? How does one state a case for the superior quality of his given handle? Simple: by citing some of the best examples of figures who have borne that same praenomen. So without further ado, we present to you just that. The ultimate showdown, broken down into nine disparate battles in the form of our very own additions to the Twilight Sagaother Edwards Vs. Jacobs… in pop culture, of course.

The Scorsese Saga: Fast Eddie Felson Vs. Jake LaMotta

Team Edward: Fast Eddie Felson, played by Paul Newman in The Color of Money

Powers at His Disposal: The almost unteachable skill of pool hustling, and the rare ability to teach it.


Team Jacob: Jake LaMotta, played by Robert De Niro in Raging Bull

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Powers: A bull-like rage (also his undoing)


Winner: Jake LaMotta — Raging Bull is a classic (0/1)

The Seven Seas Saga: Blackbeard Vs. Jake of the Never Land Pirates

Team Edward: Real life 18th Century pirate Blackbeard, born Edward Teach

Powers: An iconoclastic reverence among enthusiasts of pirate culture and facial hair alike

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Team Jacob: The starring player in the Disney cartoon Jake and the Never Land Pirates

Powers: The greatest power of all: the ability to teach children


Winner: Jake of the Never Land Pirates. It’s good to be educational (0/2)

The Journalistic Saga: Edward R. Murrow Vs. Jacob Riis

Team Edward: Cold War-era CBS news reporter Edward R. Murrow

Powers: The ability to take down Joseph McCarthy with a single bound!


Team Jacob: Jacob Riis, turn-of-the-20th Century Danish-American reporter/social reformer

Powers: Laser-powered muckraking!


Winner: Edward R. Murrow… you can thank him for the lack of xenophobic oppression you might be facing today (1/2)

The Lost Saga: Edward Mars Vs. Jacob

Team Edward: Edward Mars (Frederic Lehne), the ill-fated U.S. Marshal assigned to the arrest of Kate Austen

Powers: A superhuman devotion to justice


Team Jacob: Jacob (Mark Pellegrino)… you know, the dude who’s pretty much God

Powers: The dude is pretty much God


Winner: You might be surprised by this one, but Edward — at the end of the day, Jacob was kind of a bulls*** artist (2/2)



The Ramis Saga: Cousin Eddie Vs. Joliet Jake Blues

Team Edward: Cousin Eddie (Randy Quaid) of the National Lampoon’s Vacation franchise fame

Powers: The ability to show up, unannounced, anywhere in the country that might provide peril to his cousin Chevy Chase


Team Jacob: Joliet Jake Blues (John Belushi), one half of the titular pair in The Blues Brothers

Powers: Just listen to the music, people


Winner: Belushi all the way, of course (2/3)

The Talking Dog Saga: Eddie McDowd Vs. Jake the Dog

Team Edward: Seth Green’s forgettable Nickelodeon antihero from 100 Deeds of Eddie McDowd

Powers: Does shapeshifting count when you can’t control it?


Team Jacob: Jake the Dog from the Cartoon Network series Adventure Time

Powers: That arm-stretching thing, and loyalty


Winner: Eddie McDowd, if only for that nostalgia factor with which so many of us are plagued (3/3)




The Sitcom Children Saga: Eddie Munster Vs. Jake Harper

Team Edward: In a strange inversion of fate, this Edward is a werewolf: young Eddie Munster (Butch Patrick) from the classic ’60s sitcom The Munsters

Powers: Near immortality, transformation into full-on wolf come full moon, a snazzy fashion sense


Team Jacob: Jake Harper (Angus T. Jones), Jon Cryer’s son on Two and a Half Men

Powers: Bodily functions.


Winner: Eddie Munster, because… well, you know (4/3)

The Mutant Pariah Saga: Edward Scissorhands Vs. Jake “The Snake” Roberts

Team Edward: Tim Burton’s greatest creation, Johnny Depp in Edward Scissorhands

Powers: A love unparalleled


Team Jacob: Retired professional wrestler and python wrangler Jake “The Snake” Roberts

Powers: The snake, mostly


Winner: Another obvious victory for the Edwards… man, we all love that movie (5/3)

The Definitely Talented But Kind of Generic White Male Actor Over the Age of 30 Who Has Been in a Bunch of Good Things, Sure, But Hasn’t Ever Really Taken Off as a Star — At Least Not Yet, Anyway Saga: Edward Norton Vs. Jake Gyllenhaal

Team Edward: Edward Norton of Fight Club, American History X, and Death to Smoochy

Powers: He used to be able to turn green and smash stuff, but Mark Ruffalo took that from him


Team Jacob: Donnie Darko, Brokeback Mountain, and Zodiac starJake Gyllenhaal

Powers: Those eyes.


Winner: Edward Norton. Go see Moonrise Kingdom, by the way (6/3).

And so, just like in the movies, Team Edward takes the victories. Catch The Twilight Saga‘s final chapter, Breaking Dawn – Part 2 in theaters on Friday, Nov. 16.

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