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U.S. Apologizes for Actor’s Oscar Absence

The U.S. embassy in Ireland has issued an apology for the incarceration and mistreatment of an Irish Oscar contender who missed the star-studded Los Angeles ceremony after being thrown in jail.

Ruaidhri Conroy was unable to see his performance in Six Shooter honored with a Best Live Action Short accolade last Sunday because he overstayed a U.S. visa by two days in 1998.

He was detained at Los Angeles International airport en route to the Academy Awards where he claims burly officers threatened him and offered only crisps, crackers and processed noodles to stave off his hunger.

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Conroy says, “I was escorted on to the plane by four officers and they said if you behave we won’t handcuff. They were very heavy.”

A spokesman for the U.S. embassy admitted the incident was embarrassing, adding, “We certainly regret any inconvenience that may have happened.” He insisted, “We have a good relationship with Ireland and we like to see Irish people coming to the United States.”

Conroy is best known for his role as Tito in Into The West.

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