Uma Thurman, Jessica Biel Join Muccino-Directed ‘Playing the Field’

Jessica BielUma Thurman and Jessica Biel have signed on to join Gerald Butler in Playing the Field, the new film from director Gabriele Muccino. The news follows yesterday’s announcement that Muccino will direct Adaline, another drama more in line with his previous hits The Pursuit of Happyness and Seven Pounds.

Playing the Field, penned by Robbie Fox, tells a story revolving around a former pro-soccer star (Butler) who, in an attempt to bond with his son, agrees to coach his soccer team. And because Gerald Butler is the hunk of a man that Gerald Butler is, his character is forced to fight off romantic advances from hordes of soccer moms (and let’s be honest, we’re hoping that he does this in the most extravagant way by — just go with us here — channeling his inner Leonidas, grabbing a sword and proceeding to chop off their heads, holding them in the air, screaming, “I AM KING OF SOCCER MOMS!”)

Anyway, that probably won’t happen, but audiences should be careful with this film regardless. By billing itself as a “soccer comedy,” the Nu Image/Millennium Films picture may just be trying to trick everyone into thinking it’s not a “romantic comedy.” So, whatever. Movie studios, listen up: all you need to change a film’s genre is a minivan.

Source: Variety