Underwear On The Outside At The ‘Captain Underpants’ Premiere

When the first trailer for ‘Captain Underpants: The First Movie’ came out I thought it would just be a movie full of poop jokes and no substance. Now the movie is coming out, and while it may have been right about the overload of poop jokes, there’s an actual meaning and a story of friendship, enough to warrant it being fresh at 81 % currently on Rotten Tomatoes.

The film had its world premiere at the Fox Theater in Los Angeles where one of the cast decided to go underwear out. Thomas Middleditch talks about his experience in the recording book, Nick Kroll says how he thinks fans of the book (and his character Mr. Pooopy Pants)  will enjoy their movie,  parody song king Weird Al Yankovic explains why it makes sense that he do the Underpants theme song,  Author Dav Pilkey tells us how a teach inspired him to write these books, Ed Helms talks about recording the movie with other people in the booth, and Kevin Hart talks about what to expect in their film.


‘Captain Underpants: The First Movie’ is in theaters now.